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Daniel Hodgson


Why Smoke Testing is not optional

After reading some of The competitions chimney sweep advertising it is apparent that many of them offer Smoke draw testing only an optional extra, Dangerous? Read on below. At clean Sweep Chimney Services of we have developed our process over several generations and we believe an imperative part of that sweeping process is the simple type two  Smoke test.
The smoke test is simple and easy to deliver, it basically entails one or more smoke generating pellets to be place within the burning grate area of your fireplace or stove, closing all windows and doors serving the room, igniting, said pellet then skill fully watching the smoke ensuring there is no unacceptable spillage then quickly moving outside with the binoculars to ensure the smoke is freely issuing from only one chimney terminal.
It is the opinion of our company that not undertaking this test could leave the consumer with a false sense of security and potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.Guessing that the draught of a chimney or using the back of the had to magically feel the flow is woefully inadequate.
It is also likely that any certificate you may have received in the past that does not include this test is not the accepted Sweep safe, industry standard certificate and with the exclusion of this essential information it may not be accepted by some insurance companies.
The above pictures demonstrate how simply the process is so why not do it?
If your chimney sweep has missed out this vital test then you know it’s time for a change. You can find the information on the certificate that you have been issued, if it’s not there or you don’t have a certificate give us a call at your earliest convenience.


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